Merry Christmas! You are, hand over my heart, all virtues the world has to offer. You are talented and creative and wonderful and thoughtful and kind. I hope for nothing but good things for you in the New Year.

So, in honour of all that you are (which is quite a lot), I've made you a... game of sorts for Secret Santa. Not really a game, more like a story, but with some decisions you get to make and four different endings to make your way through. Some decisions are more crucial than others, butr mostly they offer slightly different characterizations, which will probably influence how the events play out and who some of these characters end up being. This makes it sound so fancy. It's not. I wish that it was! But there are only a few choices to make.

I do hope you like it! At least some of it and hopefully at least one ending. I had a rough idea of this, a very small one, before I was assigned anyone, but it really became a project inspired by you and all you like. Insert a montage of me scrolling through your #aesthetic tumblr tags and trying desperately to piece together and include elements of the things you love most.

It's probably not what you expected and it's certainly not perfect. I'm sure there are many typos inside. (Sorry!!) But, regardless, I really, really hope it's a bit of fun for you. You are a star amongst stars and then some.

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